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Vaccinations are a regular part of the
day-to-day business at Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital.
vaccinations as extremely important, we're happy to explain vaccine procedure to any interested owners and we invite owners to be present during the process. 

Spay + Neuter

For pet owners spaying or neutering your cat or dog can be a scary proposition,
But Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital has performed countless operations successfully and knows how to treat both your pet and you with care.
Our veterinary clinic can complete all types of spay and neuter services.


Often overlooked, the truth is that your pet's dental care does matter. Unlike most humans who brush on a regular basis, your dog or cat's mouth can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and lead to several health complications.
At Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital, we offer dental procedures to give your pet excellent treatment.

Pet Surgery

Surgery and anesthesia can be a worrisome time, but our Veterinarian and her anesthetist of 29 years have great experience providing compassionate and quality surgical care at Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital.


For many veterinary offices making a diagnosis involves sending away lab samples and waiting weeks for results.
On the other hand, Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital has in-house laboratory services, which means we can get the necessary data and start treating your pet much faster, thus leading to a speedy recovery.


Pet dermatology can be tricky, with many pet owners not knowing where to go to deal with a persistent rash or skin condition.
At Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital, we have a wealth of history dealing with pet dermatology problems and have successfully treated many pets in the local area.
Whether it's an itchy ear, foot pad problems, or loss of hair, we will be able to get down to the root of the problem and create a treatment plan to rid your pet of the issue.

Parasite Control 

One of the most dangerous problems that can happen to cats and dogs is parasites. Fortunately, invaders like worms and ticks can be dealt with effectively, but early detection makes the process much easier. At Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital, we have created parasite control and treatment plans that will have your pet back to health as quickly as possible.

Pet Monitoring 

Maintaining your pet's health can be difficult, especially if records are not kept organized and passed on as you change veterinarians.
At Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital, we believe in establishing a lifelong connection with pets and their owners, which includes detailed records and pet monitoring to notice potential problems before they happen.


Pet owners may have lots of choices when it comes to pet food, but the truth is that not all these options are created equally.
It's been shown that proper nutrition can have a direct effect on your pet's health and Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital is here to help you identify the best possible diet for your pet as well as give access to quality products.

Flea &Tick Control

If you have pets then there's a good chance you already know just how annoying fleas and ticks can be.
However, annoyance is just the start, and the problems caused by these pests can even extend to disease transmission for humans.
At Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital, we have both preventative and reactive treatment plans to lower the risk of flea and tick issues.

Pet X-Rays

With the obvious language barrier, it's difficult for pets to let their owners know what's wrong.
However, with pet
x-rays at Rodeo Drive Veterinary Hospital,
we can help decode the mystery and find the right solution for a number of pet health issues.
Having completed thousands of x-rays, we know what we are doing and will be quick, caring, and professional. 


Angela W.

Dr. Thomas is the best!
She cares  - she doesn't over charge - me & my 4-legged kiddos always leave happy.
Boarding & Grooming services are awesome as well - my basset is super touchy about her ears but they get them clean every time and Adi is never afraid to go there (after once at Pet-Co she whimpered when we took her in for a bath...that is NOT a good sign - my basset loves everyone!!) She also doesn't make me feel like a horrible pet parent for having a dog that is 5 lbs overweight during the cold season.
  We'll never go anywhere else!


Jessica S.

I have been taking my dog and cats here for years. You can tell that Dr. Thomas really loves animals. My dog wants to give her kisses after an exam. I've used their kenneling services and my animals came back to me in excellent condition (of course it took a week of sucking up for the cats to stop icing me). The staff is so friendly. Their prices are very reasonable. She has saved my very old black cat twice (cat stopped eating and had a kidney infection). The practice puts the animals first and I will never let anyone else touch my fur babies.


Denise D.

Best vet ever!
We have been going to her for years.
She always has a kind and compassionate staff and really loves our pups!
We brought one in this weekend who was sick.
She called Monday to find out how she was doing!
When an elderly pet died a few years ago, we got a sympathy card from her and the staff.
She has always been amazing!


Cat W.

The staff is so caring and friendly.
I love bringing my two cats there, even if they don't.
Dr. Thomas is knowledgeable and great with the animals and people.
Their prices can't be beat. Very reasonable.
They also have a great location!


Tonia V.

Dr. Thomas and her staff are amazing and always willing to work in a pet for a serious issue.
They show genuine concern for the animals and even call to check up on them!
The prices are fair and you never have to worry that the information you receive is biased or inaccurate.


Nancy F.

Dr. Ann Thomas ROCKS!
She is the most compassionate Vet I have ever met. I've used this clinic for the last 15 + years and Dr. Thomas has tenderly cared for our elderly cats, our Aussie with breast cancer and our huskies over the years.
For each ailment that our pets encountered, we were provided with educational handouts and pricing considerations associated with the different treatment methods.
Dr. Thomas would engage us in discussion regarding these various treatment methods before a treatment decision was made.
Dr. Thomas just has a way of helping you understand the choices available to you in the care and treatment of your pets.


Ann F.

 Friendly full service vet for a reasonable price. They also board and take great care of your pets!


Julia W.

We've used Dr. Ann Thomas at Rodeo Vet Hospital next to the Mesquite Rodeo forever, with multiple dogs from puppy to seniors. They do boarding, nail clipping, bathing. It's female owned, and Dr. Ann really cares about all animals, patients and strays. She also brings in specialists when they're needed. Our lab/ridgeback had an injury when she was just a couple of months old. We were afraid she might lose a limb but Dr. Ann brought in a veterinarian orthopedist that worked with us and at 7 years old she still has 4 fully functioning limbs.


Marcille S.

Dr Ann Thomas at Rodeo Veterinary Hospital is the best. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, professional yet shows her love of her “patients”, exceptional, and goes above and beyond. We went to her for over 20 years to take care of our sweet babies (3 dachshunds). She even went so far as to take one of our babies home with her to monitor him in his last days...put blankets in the clothes dryer to keep him warm and monitored him throughout the night. What vet would do that other than her??? She is awesome. She helped us through the process of saying good bye to each of our babies throughout the years with caring and compassion for us as parents and for our babies. I can’t say enough about her. We are still healing from our last loss but will definitely use her again in the future.


Vanessa G.

We’ve been using Dr. Thomas at Rodeo Drive Veterinary. She’s wonderful. Our babies love going to see her.


Sue M.

I love the doctor and all the people that work there. They are so patient and friendly


Melissa K.

Dr. Thomas and the entire team have always gone above and beyond when caring for my pups. I've been to a lot of vets from St. Louis to Dallas, but have to say I feel most comfortable with Dr. Thomas.

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